Alongside offering soil sampling to aid fertiliser recommendations we can also offer silage analysis in order to give an overall view of livestock dietary requirements and therefore improve current rations. Forage variability can influence diet quality and concentrate consumption. We strive to give a quick turn around of results and use reputable laboratories.

Based on the results we can then choose the best ration to compliment the forage or suggest alterations in additives for the following year’s crop. We understand the importance of a balanced diet and the implications this can have on overall performance therefore we can offer silage/forage analysis as well as additive advice. We work alongside reputable retailers like Ecosyl who offer a range of high quality products. We strive to treat each customer as an individual and look at specific feed requirements to suit. 

Sample collection can be arranged by your Trader.


Ecosyl offer a large range of products for all your ensiling and crop preservation requirements.

With a long tradition of research and development tracing back to the company's origins as part of ICI Agriculture and the same principles of developing proven, cost effective products still holds true today.

ECOSYL Products has an open policy with regard to research supporting or involving its products by encouraging independent evaluation and publication of results in peer review journals and aims to make all results and papers easily available.

Products include Ecosyl 66, Double Action Ecosyl, EcoBale and EcoCorn.

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